{Quick Recipe} Pistachio & Basil Pesto

getting touchy with food.

getting touchy with food.

Is this your first time reading Curious Appetite? If the answer is no, and you already follow on facebook and instagram, then you’ll know how obsessed I am with pistachios!

It all started when a fiery Sicilian-American woman met an Iranian guy with a ‘fro in a club back in the early 80’s. A few years later they made me and ever since, I was exposed to many exotic flavors as a result of being born to a Sicilian/American mother and an Iranian pop. Continue reading

An alternative guide to the “best” panini in Florence


salami florence panini brunori

I’m going to flat out and be honest- if I have to see l’Antico Vinaio on one more list, one more time, I might cry for the sake of the countless other panini slingers in the city. Places like Antico Vinaio are extremely famous thanks to a failproof recipe: thousands (13K+) of tripadvisor reviews mostly since they’ve been listed for ages, obnoxiously large portions and cheap wine all for under 5€. However rarely questioned is the quality of their ingredients. Like are those industrial factory produced cheeses and grocery-store quality meats? Aren’t you curious as to what’s in those sauces/globs?  I am suspicious of these sauces in terms of what’s actually in there and truffle sauces with 99% artificial flavor and 1% truffle extract. The panini at l’antico vinaio are good, even delicious, but not worth to me waiting in line for. Italian panini, were meant to be simple and traditionally included few ingredients: primarily cheese and/or meat. It seems that they’ve become monstrous man vs. food feasts here! Not that I don’t enjoy a decadent massive panino, but again, I suggest folks to consume info (and food) with a discerning palate.  Continue reading

New on Conde Naste and Saveur Food Blog Awards!

florence san miniato cemetary

Hello all who dare read! I wanted to share a cool new article I recently wrote for CONDE NAST and let you know the Saveur Favorite Food Blog Nominations are open until MONDAY July 18th (around the corner! go nominate now! Ideally including https://thecuriousappetite.com/🙂

Here is the article I did for Conde Nast Traveler

15 Best Things to do in Florence, Italy (I assure you, they had to edit down my list of about a gagillion!)

The tip I’m most proud of is the the last tip about the bistecca fiorentina. The editors asked me about Il Latini and so for the last 4 years, I’ve had about zero interest to go in because the kitschy hanging prosciutti and fiaschi lined Tuscan eatery is so famous- which usually to me means mediocre food and exorbitant pricing. You know, for work I decided to make the investment to try for myself before turning down this recommendation. While I was not exactly right, because the steak was indeed excellent, the sides and primi left something to be desired whereas at Fagioli they do everything on point like the gastronomic saints they are.  So while there is a picture of Il Latini on the slide- if you read you’ll see why I think Ristorante del Fagioli is where it’s at for all things steak.

Now that I’ve given you a major delicious tip, may I ask for a teeny favor in exchange?

Is Curious Appetite one of your favorite food blogs?

Is Curious Appetite one of your favorite food blogs? (source: saveur.com)

Saveur Magazine holds an annual food blog awards and now is the time to nominate your favorite food blogs!

If my food blog on eating around Florence, Italy and beyond are part of your favorite reads, would you be so kind as to nominate Curious Appetite? You can use this url: https://thecuriousappetite.com/ I’d be ever so grateful! The best part is that you don’t have to only nominate one! While you’re at it- check out the blogs I’d totally nominate like Jul’s Kitchen, Rachel Eats, Bittersweet Gourmet, Emiko Davies, The Curious Pear and Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome. 

Where can you nominate? Nominate here (now!) on Saveur’s website for your favorite food blog!

What are your favorite food blogs which I have not listed? Am I missing someone? Apologies if I have- let me know what I am missing out on. (I love learning!)

In your food writing trust,

Curious Appetite

p.s. I’m off to London for a long weekend! Stay in touch for all the funky adventures via snapchat, twitter and instagram! (curiousappetite)


Eating in Florence (when it’s hot and gross) Summer 2016

take advantage of summer tomatoes aka an excuse to eat more pasta

take advantage of summer tomatoes aka an excuse to eat more pasta

I’m all about eating with the seasons, and Italy is the best place for that. Those of us obsessed with food will tell you they love when cherries and watermelon start popping up in gelaterie, when zucchini flowers are flowing and summer truffles are on pretty much everything. I wanted to instead not only focus on seasonal goodies, but focus on places and venues which are best visited during the summer. Florence is a hot, humid city in the summer months of July and August. If you can avoid coming to Florence in July and August- I highly recommend it. I think hanging out along the seaside or at lakes is the way to visit Italy and experience Italian culture in the summer rather than the hot cities which usually empty out on the weekends when locals head to their cool seaside or lakeside pad. Continue reading

Inside Florence’s First Speakeasy for Vice Munchies


Photos by Beatrice Mancini

So remember how a couple weeks ago I let you know about the hidden foodie boulevard piece I did for Vogue Magazine? The week before that, I wrote this piece for Vice, who has a food & drink specific channel called “Munchies” about Florence’s first speakeasy: Rasputin. (Article link: Inside Florence’s First Speakeasy for Vice Munchies) Continue reading